Connect to Remote Servers with VSCode

By far one of the coolest VSCode extensios I’ve used in a whole. This saves me so much time when debugging dev /build machines. I also use Nautilus on Linux to browser remote servers but being able to edit code like it is local saved a heck of a lot of time.

Add the remote SSH VSCode extension:

ext install ms-vscode-remote.remote-ssh

No add an ssh entry on your local ~/.ssh/config file.

Example entry:

Host impressto
HostName 154.343.23.44
User ubuntu
IdentityFile ~/work/keys/mysite.pem

Open a terminal and test to make sure you can SSH in. You can just use for the example config above:

ssh impressto

In VSCode use Ctrl+Shift+P then enter ssh.  Select the first option Remote-SSH:Connect to Host.

Enter the hostname from the config above.