Peter Drinnan – Full Stack Developer

I am a full-stack developer living in Ottawa providing solutions to improve business operations.

My main area of expertise is with full-stack development using Linux backends (NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, MongoDB) and many frontend frameworks (Angular, Vue, React, jQuery, vanilla JS, Bootstrap, Tailwind).

I continuallly explore technologies but also understand the importance of supporting existing systems. Rarely is there a valid reason to throw out something that works just because it isn’t new. Most systems can be extended and modernized and I have experience with that.

As a technologist I always aim to solve problems with the least amount of cost while encouraging best practices. As a lead developer on several large projects I understant the importance of long-term tech decisions.

Things I do

Rapid Prototyping for MVPs

If you need to get something that looks good and works as needed in front of customer or investor eyes asap, I can help get you there.


This is basically fixing broken things and can also be classified as maintenance and upgrades. It covers most PHP, Node.js backend frameworks, and front end frameworks (React, Vue, Angular)

Seo and Accessibility

If you need your site or application to be WCAG compliant, or simply need it to start appearing in Google searches, I have many years of proven success with that.

Productivity Tools

Need to get the most out of your staff? I can help with productivity tools to automate and improve existing processes.


I have years of experience setting up infrastructure in the cloud.

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